English Version – A man called Spencer

A man called Spencer – the first documentary about Bud Spencer

To watch our new trailer:

Dear Bud Spencer Fans!
Our Project carries the title „A man called Spencer“ beyond that there’s a very special idea:
We are working on a documentary film about and with the famous actor Carlo Pedersoli aka. BUD SPENCER! Together with Terence Hill they are the most famous buddies in European film history and celebrated by a huge and very active fan community around the world. Spencer/Hill movies are known and loved in whole Europe, South America, Africa and even Asia.
The idea is to document Bud Spencer’s life besides his acting career as Olympic athlete in swimming, pilot, founder of an airline, doctor in law, Panamericana worker, designer, musician, composer, writer, inventor, water polo European Champion and many more.

Our documentary will be the first one EVER done together with Spencer and about his life! We personally met Bud Spencer several times; he watched our trailer and was very enthusiastic about it. Furthermore he agreed to give us together with his family a very detailed interview for our film. As a Web 2.0 project it is possible and part of the concept that everyone can join and help realizing the idea.

Share your ideas and thoughts about the project with us; help us to enlarge our community and spread the word 😉

The myth/legend of Bud Spencer

One of the main themes in this documentary are  several myths, modern legends and highly interesting aspects the person Bud Spencer is surrounded by.

Core topic of the documentary

As said before, the documentary’s primary focus is not the Bud Spencer’s acting career but his all-round life behind the scenes. To this day, many fans and experts puzzle about Carlo Pedersoli’s impressive biography. This happens because until that day there is neither a written nor a filmic examination of his life beyond his career as an actor. There are only a few reliable sources about Bud Spencer and even on the praised internet you rarely find information. This documentary is intended to answer the many questions and tries to uncover the myth.

Questions and information: office@budspencermovie.com or http://www.budspencermovie.com/?c=en_home

Everybody can join this project. “Be Bud of it“


Eine Antwort to “English Version – A man called Spencer”

  1. Echt guter trailer, aber in den Subtitles sind ein paar Fehler:

    „participated“ wird mit einem c geschrieben. Und der ganze Satz passt irgendwie nicht, so waere es besser: „Two-time Olympian“

    „ikon“ ist kein Englisches Wort, da wuerde man „idol“ zu sagen

    und „okay“ ist mit a geschrieben

    Aber sonst, macht weiter so !!

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